Technology and Quality Management
Min 50% ↑
production speed
Min 75% ↑
Min 25% ↓
Finishing process
Category Another company Shine Technology Co., Ltd. Comparison
Production speed Case SPM : 50~100
Bracket SPM : 100~150
Case SPM : 150~200
Bracket SPM : 350~400
Improved the production speed about 50%~Max 400%
Precision 0.03mm Dimensional control 0.005mm Dimensional control Precise press product production capability that cannot be matched
Post-treatment Needs Burr finishing process on cut areas Does not require a finishing process Applies to the progressive press molds
The foundation of our company’s technology


· We are equipped with the best human resources in the precision press area
· Technical know-how accumulated over at least 10 years

Efforts in Technology Development

· We have our own mold development technology
· Progressive press mold manufacturing technique

Cost Reduction

· Rate of defect DOWN / Productivity UP
· We have reduced the costs by making our processing more efficient

Production Process & Production Method
  • 01

    Mold design and production

  • 02

    Process high-speed metal punching

  • 03

    Process inspection

  • 04

    Plating and heat treatment

  • 05

    Import inspection

  • 06

    Packaging and delivery

Contents Shine Technology Co., Ltd. Another company
Material Width 24mm, pitch 20m Width 31mm, pitch 22m
Amount of raw material consumed per product 0.94 g 1.33 g
Stamping speed 150 ~ 200 SPM 50 ~ 100 SPM

* The width and pitch of materials can be altered to fit the size of product that is requested by customers